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About Us

Women in Healthcare

Healthy Woman is founded on research that shows women make or influence the majority of healthcare decisions. They seek reliable and credible information to assist them in their active roles in healthcare decision-making for the entire family and for themselves. They are looking for a partner they can trust.

• Females 45-64 are expected to grow by 50% in next seven years
• Women make 90% of healthcare decisions and spend $500 billion annually on healthcare
• 75% caregivers for elderly are women
• Two dollars out of every three dollars spent in healthcare are on women
• Women make 61% physician visits and account for 66% of all healthcare procedures
• Health education seekers

Program Overview

The program consists of an ongoing series of free health-focused educational seminars, health fairs and interactive events. Monthly presentations cover physical and emotional healthcare, financial well-being and spiritual development. The majority of topics directly relate to the hospital’s primary services, physician specialties and clinics. Information offered at monthly presentations can also incorporate the support and services offered by partners. Common healthcare topics presented by physicians include heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, menopause, nutrition, osteoporosis, stress management and life balance issues.

Program History

Five hospitals launched Healthy Woman in 2004; 13 hospitals started the program in 2005; 17 hospitals started in 2006; 21 hospitals launched in 2007; 30 hospitals launched in 2008 and 16 hospitals launched in 2009. Membership grew by over 106%. In 2010, there were over 110,000 Healthy Woman members and 100 hospital programs.

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